When 2-Yr-Old Girl Reveals a Secret at the Dining Table, Watch Dad’s Reaction

Children seem to grow up much faster than we anticipate. One day they are messing up the house, and the next day they are ready for preschool, and shortly thereafter we are fitting them for a cap and gown.

Nevertheless, in our eyes, they are still the innocent little darlings, a precious gem that we swore to protect as long as we exist. Now imagine your reaction when this sweet little girl says she has a boyfriend. It would probably be the same as the dad in this video: “You have a what??”

In the clip below, this two-year-old is defending her rights to have a boyfriend. On the other hand, her dad is strictly against it. The father seems to enjoy frustrating her daughter. Her reaction to his statements is hilarious and worthwhile.

Dad playfully lays down the law: “That boyfriend better be talking to your daddy.” This interaction is so cute and funny I’m pretty sure you’ll be rolling on the floor by the time it’s over. Watch the short video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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