200 Farmers Remain Quiet During Auction So Family Can Buy Back Their Farm

Ancestral properties are pride and dignity for many people. They are fortunate to look after their land. A person could feel deprived after selling their estate. For farmers, lands are their hope and pride to live. But, what if their own family is inappropriate towards them. The video depicts an ancestor sold the family land leaving the farmers deprived.

David and his family have been farming for decades. And, their lands are their source of pride. Their ancestor tried to sell their 80 acres of land in an auction. David and his father were devastated but didn’t give up easily. With hope, they decided to buy their property in a sale.

When they saw 200 farmers in an auction, they were hopeless to beat the significant number of farmers. On the contrary, the two farmers outperformed other farmers with their hope. No single farmer bid after David and his father. The auctioneer tried to get bids, although. But the whole 200 farmers showed their selfless side and supported David and his father to get back their land.

Anyhow, the auctioneer gave land to David and his father. Yet again, they have the authority to work on their property.

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