Daughters Sing Happy Birthday to Dad, Watch Babies When He Blows Out Candles

Birthdays are always a fun time to celebrate, especially if you are a kid! The balloons, the cakes, the singing, who doesn’t love it? Even blowing out the candles is a blast. Well here’s a group that has a slightly different take on that.

Buzz Busby, was going to celebrate his first birthday with all of his babies home. The Busbys are the proud parents of six girls, their daughter Blayke followed by five quintuplets (the only all-girl quintuplets in the U.S.): Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Parker and Riley. So Buzz sat down in front of a table, surrounded by wife and his six daughters, who sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

After the family was done singing the song for their dad, the girls watched excitedly for his next move. But Buzz blowing out the candles in one try didn’t sit well with one of his tiny daughters.

The little baby started crying, her face turning red. That’s when a couple of her sisters joined in too! Mom and dad had no idea their girls would have such a strong reaction. It is really adorable, but it is equally hilarious as well!

They say that they thought they were just catching a special moment to cherish, but it turned into a priceless ending once daddy blew the candles out. Check out this adorable video below! Did this make you smile? Shared your thoughts in the comments!

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