Gardener Puts Toilet Paper Roll In Flower Pot To Show Off Nifty Planting Trick

Gardening one of the hobbies that not only relieves your stress but also alleviates the environment. From growing fruits, vegetables to taking on quite challenging flowers, dabbling into garden work are detoxifying. If you want a closer source of fresh produce, growing them is your only option. Here are some tips from a YouTuber, GrowVeg, to help start your vegetable garden.

  • Measuring stick

Building your own measuring stick can be a great help in gardening overall. Get a large wooden tool with a measuring tape next to it, mark the measurement marks with an alcohol marker.

  • Plastic Labels

No need to throw any of the plastic labels. With a little bit of sandpaper, you can get rid of the previous marking. This way, you can easily reuse any plastic labels.

  • Upside down Terracotta pot

    Sudden extreme weather conditions can destroy your hard works and ruin seeds before they sprout. But if you have a terracotta pot lying around, cover the seedlings with the pot. It may not look ideal, but it will hold through the harsh weather.

  • Get your Sticky tapes on

    With the Aphid season here, these pesky little insects will pretty soon start infesting the plants. This year around, deal with them efficiently. Rather than going with your regular tactics, grab some sticky tape wrap it around your hand. Time to pat down the plants. Important tip: Don’t forget Aphid’s best hiding spot, the underside of leaves.

  • DIY water reservoirs

    It is not always easy to get the water ratio accurate in the plants. Some require more water in contrast to others. Take cucumber, for example; they require a lot more water. The easy solution is water reservoirs, drill some holes in used plastic bottles and fill them up with water. The plant will absorb the moisture according to their need.

  • Kitchen Water

    It might take some time before you get used to tactics. Collect the water you clean vegetables with, or let’s say you boiled some potatoes. Once the water comes down to room temperature, you can use it, water your plants.

  • Grow hard coat seeds quicker

    To get around these hard coat seeds, soak them in lukewarm water overnight. This step will quicken the process of dissolving the outer coating.

  • Build your planters

    Moving and readjusting plants can end up damaging their roots. To avoid that, you can build bean and pea planters out of cardboard tubes from the tissue rolls. For more information, check out the video below.

  • Gardening vertically

    Not everyone has a huge space available for gardening. In such cases, you can use the limited space wisely through vertical gardening. You can either buy these fence planter or make them yourself if you are up for a challenge.

  • Incorporate technology in gardening

    With the help of gardening software, you can make a layout to organize your plants. Ass remainders to water them. And many more.

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