Man Who Believes In Pixies Sits In Woods With Camera And Awes Internet With Footage

Mythical creatures, they had been a crucial part of our growing up journey. From movies to books, they have sneaked us a taste of the magical, with their magic wands and thrilling treasure hunt. Like every story, they lie deep in our memories, just as a dream.

Are they real? Did directors and writers make them up to build our horizon with fictional tales? Well, even if they do exist, where do we search for them. Thankfully, Erwin Saunders seems to have a depth of knowledge in the matter. Erwin believes that Pixies, a mythical creature of British folklore, is alive and thriving in the deep jungles. Hence, he made a youtube channel dedicating his search for these amazing beings.

The journey to capture these sightings of Pixies doesn’t come easy. You need the patience and endurance to wait for them to get the bait. Oh yes. Erwin has high hopes that Pixies loves sweets and seeds. So, he spreads them out and waits for hours and hours. In the quiet surrounded by the scenic view, his thoughts and possibly a mystical creature scrutinizing him from afar.

Please press play and enjoy his sightings.

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