Garbage Man Slams on the Brakes When He Sees a Backpack Moving on the Side of the Road

For centuries, humans and dogs have walked alongside each other being the best buddies. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hide the fact that these canines sometimes are mistreated by humans. As for some people they are nothing but guard animals or toys.

Similar is the case of the little puppy female boxer. She was found in Colerain Township dumped inside a backpack. The bruised pup was fighting for her life inside the zippers of cruelty. Fortunately, the fighting came to an end when a kind-hearted garbage man rescued her.

It was just another day for, Aaron Kinsel who works for Rumpke Waste & Recycling. He was driving in his refuse collection truck when he stumbled into something peculiar. It was a backpack, stranded along the side of a road. It didn’t take long for Aaron to notice, the bag was moving. Hence, he decided to make a further inspection. Once he opened the bag, inside was a 10 week old scared female dog.

Aaron rushed the little one to a nearby vet. He was well aware of what may have happened to her. Her leg was amputated; as it was the only way to save the little fellow. Aaron couldn’t let the petrified survived out in the world. So, he made a decision to adopt the canine. The family was overjoyed with the new addition. She even has a name, Tripper! The story was later posted on FB and people haven’t stop praising Aaron for his kind act.

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