Thousands of horses are sent to the slaughter house every year. So when you come across a different change of scene, it is always heartwarming. The RVR horse rescue in Riverview, Florida received a call from an anxious neighbor one day. The caller told them about a mother horse and her baby who were locked in a stall and never let out. They eventually broke out of their holding cells together. The neighbor managed to take a picture of the colt that was left staggering down the road. They were starving and not in good health.

After the notification, the RVR team of rescuers acted fast. They were able to locate the mother and son and they decided to name the baby Timmy. The road to recovery for Timmy and his mama is heartwarming and amazing. This is really going to move your heart. Watching Tim play will no doubt break you down!

Watch this beautiful rescue below. What are your thoughts about this extraordinary recovery? Let us know about it in the comments!

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