A Mama Sheep Escaped & Created an Animal That You Haven’t Ever Seen Before

Have ever wondered what would happen if a mama sheep mates with a papa goat? This video is going to show you exactly what happens! A sheep got loose somehow and bred with goat. Sheep and goats are a lot alike so it’s actually not a very big surprise.

You can meet Butterfly, the geep in a petting zoo in Arizona. A geep aka shoat or a goat-sheep hybrid is a rare species that was first documented in 2000. It shares the characteristics of both of its parents.

Butterfly has the face and feet of a goat, but she also has a wool coat like a sheep. I am sure Butterfly is going to big attraction for this petting zoo. Watch Butterfly in the video below! Did you know anything about this rare breed before? Share your thoughts about this in the comments!

[ytvid id=”z96_39jHXWQ”]

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