Don’t we all dream about having a lovely family someday? A loving and caring better half with few or lots of daredevils running around with their tiny legs. But once the dream turns into reality, a lot of things come to perspectives such as eating, sleeping, and other baby stuff.

Baby Oliver gives out the most interesting reaction to a simple question by his daddy.

These days with technologies, parents can easily record every little maneuver by their young ones. Similar to Oliver’s dad who filmed ORB’s growth one clip at a time. After a good nap as Oliver wakes up in the real world, he shows every expression known to humankind.

As ORB yaws, squirms, and stretches hardly opening his eyes. The father filming the whole thing greets his lovely baby. ORB immediately gives us a peek at his innocent and heartwarming smile. Furthermore, when asked about sleep. Baby Oliver widens his smile as a response to the question.

Please press play and watch the delicate moment captured in the clip.

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