Couple Steps On A Giant Piano, The Iconic Tune They Play Leave The Crowd Screaming

It’s always amazing to witness street performances. You can never tell what is coming at you, and the surprise can be quite refreshing. When Silvia Zotto and Leo Moreno stepped onto a massive, portable piano mat, no one could’ve imagined that their performance would be so epic. The couple stepped on the piano keys with their feet to play out “Pink Panther” theme song and the crowd loved every second of it!

This was quite a unique performance indeed. Silvia and Leo are members of an Italian pop-up performance group called the “Il Grande Piano,” which means “The Big Piano.” Leo and Silvia seem to be passionate about what they do. They can’t stop smiling from ear to ear! Silvia’s flowing white dress adds to the beauty of the performance as well. Leo was dressed in a matching white dress shirt, and they looked very classy indeed.

The moment the pair finished, everyone watching broke out into deafening cheers! It really is truly amazing what they can do with their feet on an oversized piano. This was a very unique and special street performance. It really stood out, not only because of the giant piano, but also because of the couple’s amazing chemistry and enthusiasm!

This performance will surely give you goosebumps all over! What a perfect performance! Check out this amazing video below:

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