Stray Dog With A Rare Disease Has A Heart-Warming Transformation

This dog suffers from a disease which made its skin look like cracked stone. It takes shelter amongst a pile of rocks, perfectly blending with the background. Many people passed by him without even noticing. However, a group of people from Animal Aid found the dog and identified the disease as a very advanced stage of ‘mange’ which covered her body in thick crusts and scabs.

The dog was at a very critical stage, and even a slight touch would hurt. It seemed frightened looking at the members of the rescue team. They carried it slowly and delicately for treatment. The team did a thorough examination for any signs of infections or wounds.

The dog cooperated with the team as they applied the medicated lotion to soften the crusts on the body — the ‘mange’ treatment with Ivermectin and antibiotics. Eventually, for the dog, it wasn’t as frightening as before, and it started eating correctly. The rescue team gives the dog her first bathe to gently remove the crusts and scabs. It whines a little while bathing, but as the lady giving him a bath talk in a loving tone, it calms down. It would take a long time before she would fully trust them as no other human had shown affection towards it.

After the treatment, the dog becomes beautiful as she is happily walking around the rescue team’s area. It is no longer scared of the people, and it is cheerful with them. This amazing transformation was only possible because of the persistence to help the dog. If you want to heal the helpless, please donate.

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