Hikers come across rare sight of owl swimming in a canyon

People nowadays don’t really have much time on their hands. They rarely get a chance to stop and enjoy the environment around them. Thankfully, many people are slowly getting aware of the importance of leisure in their day to day life. Everyone, young and old now enjoy things like trekking and hiking any free time they get. And that is exactly what Derrick Zuk was doing. The man was out with a group of friends, hiking through a canyon in Lake Powel, somewhere around Arizona and Utah.

That’s when they encountered a heart-racing sight. They ended up catching the moment on camera and now it has gone viral on the internet. And I am not really surprised. Wait till you see this for yourself! The video shows a very rare moment – an owl swimming! According to National Geographic, it is probably a great horned owl. The bird appears to be quite young since it still has some of its nestling feathers.

Great horned owls often roost on cliff ledges, and it has been suspected that the poor owl had an accident and fell from its nest right into the water. Owls are unable to take flight from water, but they can swim to land before taking off again. Derrick and his group went back to the same after spot some hours, but the owl was nowhere to be seen. He had probably flown away already.

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