This Little Girl Asks Dad to Dance, Their Routine Leaves 22M Laughing

Kids often get mortified or embarrassed when their parents decide to show off a move or two on the dance floor. I can’t imagine the scenario being played any other way! Can we really blame them? We do have a penchant for miscalculating our dancing skills, don’t we?

So it is really awesome to see when this trend deviates from the norm. The case with Jessica Hanley and her comedian dad Mike Hanley is completely different from most of us. This duo does seem to have an exceptional bond with each other. This father-daughter dance will surely put you on your feet!

The two were at a friend’s Bat Mitzvah and they announced a father-daughter dance. Well it turns out Jessica and Mike had a little something up their sleeves! Mike decided to prove his comedic ability and Jessica went right along.

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