Travolta Shows Off ‘Grease’ Dance Moves After 40 Yrs – And He Doesn’t Disappoint

The showbiz industry has blessed us with many good-looking and talented figures. One of such legendary stars is John Travolta. Famously known for his roles in classic movies such as Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy and Pulp Fiction, the actor has created a large fan base through his versatile acting.

However, for many years, the question remained, why didn’t John created a remake for the Grease musical? Despite being one of the hit musical movies of the late 1970s, it didn’t seem to get much discussion. Sure, there were a variety of TV offshoots but why didn’t Travolta himself do something?

You might think it was because John’s singing and dancing days essentially ended back in the 1980s after three incredibly successful movies (Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Urban Cowboy) basically defined the pop dance scene for over a decade. Yes, he did that one little scene in Pulp Fiction, but he hasn’t starred in a dance movie since 1981.

Knowing this, late-night show host Jimmy Fallon encourages John to take to the dance floor during an interview a few years ago. Once John begins, it’s obvious he still has his muscle memory and could still bust some serious moves if he needed to on screen or stage. His hips don’t lie at all. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!.

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