Michael Buble is one of the most phenomenal singers of all time. He is famous all around the world because of his amazing voice.

However, when he was performing in a show at XL Center, a fan steals the show and the spark of Buble. Chelsea Hebert had been dreaming of this moment for a very long time. She even wrote a sign that said,” Let me sing with you, Mr. Buble”. In fact, she was in the concert in the hopes of singing with her icon Michael Buble.

And, she did. Buble took notice of this fangirl because of her signboard that stood out from the rest. When he calls Chelsea to the stage to hear how good she was, she does not disappoint him at all. Her angelic voice gives an amazing touch to Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”.

One could actually see how amazed and happy Michael Buble was to hear his fan sing such an amazing song without a flaw.

Watch the full video below!

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