We’ve all seen videos on the internet of fans singing at a concert and doing a good job. Well here’s another one, except she does a great job rather than a good one.

Michael Bublé is a singer originally from Canada but now much-loved around the world after two decades of top-selling albums. Here he’s performing in Barcelona, Spain, and he asks for volunteers. That’s when he settles on Alba, who is sitting just off one of the wing stages.

The initial part of this fan-camera, six-minute video has been skipped, but we get an introduction to Alba Ferrés, who is from Spain but speaks English very well. Feel free to go back and watch all the interaction between Michael and Alba–we’ve queued it up for the performance.

From the minute Alba starts, it’s clear she’s a real singer. The audience literally cheers her first note and when they get to the chorus they sing along! Michael cheers her on, which makes this a truly fun video to watch.

Watch the full video below and let us know what you think of Alba’s voice in your Facebook comments.

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