He Tries to Play a Prank on the Cat, but Watch it Hilariously Backfire…

Ever since the internet became popular, there have been prank videos. People try to play a trick–a prank–on another person or, in this case, another animal. Some of these turn out to be hilarious and go viral, getting thousands or even millions of hits.

But sometimes, when you try to outsmart someone, things may not always go your way. There are times when people trying to play a prank end up getting pranked themselves or, as in the case of this video, the prank backfires on the person trying to pull it.

This video of a man went viral on the internet for exactly that reason: it backfired. This man really thought he would be doing something hilarious when he pulled a prank on a cat. The cat is sitting calmly on the trampoline when the man decides to jump on it and scare the cat.

The trampoline, however, is sitting above a pool of water. When the man jumps onto the trampoline to scare the cat, he ends up making himself look like a fool. As for the prank, it has failed and the cat is safe and dry. This is one of the most hilarious videos on the internet. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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