Being vigilant should be one of the strongest suits of parenting. Mostly during their young age, kids tend to wander around and get themselves in trouble. The parents must avoid such tragic situations.

Parenthood is a full-time job of guarding your children. Especially during public places, when disaster can occur in a blink. Similar to the clip featured below, where a dad saves his baby from falling.

There so many excellent benefits that come along from being a dad. Perhaps, the most useful trait is the dad reflex. Over time, the internet has proved this attribute with an abundance of videos. This magical ability to protect their kid comes close to having a superpower.

Back to the heroic save. In the supermarkets, this dad standing on the checkout counter had his son piggy-backed. A few seconds later, we witness the baby tiling towards one side, losing his balance, and almost crashing on the floor. When his dad grabs him in the ankle just inches away from the floor. The scenario will make your heart skip a beat. Kudos to the dad for such a swift move. Please press play and watch this fantastic save. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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