Man Finds Starving Dog on Deserted Island, Races Against Time to Save Him

Wesley White was on a kayaking trip on the coast of Belize for work-related pursuits. When he noticed something from afar. He decided to investigate; it was a starving pup stranded on the fishing shack. Wesley shouted a few times. But no answers; he was unaware of how the dog got into the remote island.

The canine was very friendly. Hence Wesley didn’t have any trouble getting Winston on the boat. However, there was another challenge. Wesley was leaving Belize in 36 hours. So in that precious moment, he had to find a way to help Winston. Once the pup arrived at the hotel, everyone begins helping. The bartender called his friends and got in contact with Dr. Mia. After consultation, the vet informed Wesley, Winston will recover in no time, but he had to find an animal shelter.

Wesley got in touch with the staff of the Humane Society of Belize and arranged for further steps. Melanie, the caregiver, stayed in touch with Wesley during the pup’s recovery process. Slowly and steadily, Winston was getting his furs back and getting stronger.

Two months later, it was reunion time. The canine was finally going home; she was to take the flight from Dallas. Did Winston recognize her savior? Watch the full video below to see how it all ends up and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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