Cop Tells Woman To ‘Pop the Trunk’ But Doesn’t See She’s Filming Him

The words “Do you know why I stopped you, ma’am?” is never really a positive start to the day. As most of the time, you end up getting tickets. Now imagine getting pulled over on your way to a job interview.

It’s not a pleasant start. However, it seems to be a whole new story if Virginia police officer Jenkins is on duty. Chy-Niece Thacker was making her way to an interview when a cop stopped her. The reason was simple; her brake lights were off.


She then provides her license and registration. Jenkins then asks her to step out of the vehicle, and the reason is unbelievably helpful. He switches to the mechanic role and fixes the light to avoid any dangerous accidents.

I can’t think of any stranger, let alone an officer on duty, being so responsible for the civilian’s life. And she is not the only one blessed with the man’s help. The comment section of the post was loaded with love for Mr. Jenkins. Our police department needs more men like him.

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