Supernanny Jo Frost Accuses Parents of Being ‘Lazy’ and ‘Enabling’ Since Teachers Potty Train Five-year-olds and Toddlers Use Pacifiers

Parenting is never easy; however, it is necessary for the child’s proper growth and development. Parents wish their kids to hit the milestone sooner or later. But for growing kids, the window of opportunity closes with age.

It not unusual for children to develop at their own pace. Nevertheless, parents need to step in and guide all the way. We have ways to learn the proper steps for supervision. Jo Forst hosts a popular show named “Supernanny” on the telly. In every episode, she conquers the challenges of parenting.

During the program, she met with a family who was way behind on potty trainers. She posted a tweet asking, Are parents getting lazy in the necessary parenting skills? As 7-year-olds are still unable to maneuver the basic toilet skills. The tweet had polarized opinions flooding in from mothers. Some show significant discomfort in children going to school without toilet training.

However, there was a group that defended the late sport. Needless to say, potty training is the first step to conquer the new world. Parents need to manage time for such essentials. The faster they learn, the better they become with time. Like always, Jo helps this new family get right back on track. Please press and enjoy these excellent nanny skills portrayed by Jo over time. Do share your parental wisdom in the feed.

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