She’s Only 4, But As Soon As She Starts Dancing, She Brings The House Down

Meet Ella Dobler. This little girl is small in age, but her talent is beyond incredible. At just four years old, this little dancer managed to bring home the first-place trophy because of her amazing routine. Ella took to the stage during the Rainbow National Dance Competition and ended up delivering one of the best performances ever. Her mom didn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture it all forever, so she took out the camera and filmed everything.

According to those close to the little girl, Ella loved to dance practically from the moment she heard music. Her love for dance has never wavered. And she is very good at it too! Every little movement she makes is going to leave you in awe! Her family decided to get her into serious classes when they saw her knack for dancing. The little girl honed her skills so well that she was already competing on national levels and rivaling some of the best child dancers in the country at the age of four!

In this particular performance, Ella dances to “Heaven on Earth”. Since this competition, she has continued to spend her days traveling across the country with her dance troupe, the New Level Dance Company. She even won some prestigious dance titles this year like the Regional Mini Miss Ruby Showbiz 2017, Regional Little Miss Step Up 2017, and the Petite Miss Leap Sensation 2017.

Check out her performance below!

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