Elk Had Tire Stuck Around Its Neck for 2 Yrs, So Rangers Came Up with Unusual Plan

Here’s a crazy story about an elk that had a tire stuck around his neck–nobody knows exactly how it got there–for two long years. The poor animal was not able to take it off by himself so a few animal rescuers came to his aid.

The animal had been suffering for years and the tire around him grew tighter with years. Tourists, rangers and trail cameras had been taking pictures of the elk since it happened so many people were familiar with him. Because elks’ neck grow thicker during the mating season, game rangers were worried it would eventually begin to choke the animal so they devised a plan to get it off.

This Elk was made shot with a tranquilizer so that the rescuers could successfully take the heavy tire off. Unfortunately, his antlers had to be cut because the tire was badly stuck on his neck. Thankfully though, the tire was taken out and the animal was freed from years of the heavy burden.

Hopefully, the Elk will grow out a new pair of antlers. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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