An Elk had a tire stuck on his neck in an unfortunate event. Sadly, the tire remained on his neck for two long years. The poor animal was not able to take it off by himself so a few animal rescuers came to his help.

The animal had been suffering for years and the tire around him grew tighter with years. Even the Elks’ neck grew thicker due to swelling and carrying the heavy tire. As for the rescuers, they could not help him immediately due to his thick neck.

This Elk was made unconscious so that the rescuers could successfully take the heavy tire off. Unfortunately, his antlers had to be cut because the tire was badly stuck on his neck. Thankfully though, the tire was taken out and the animal was freed from years of the heavy burden.

Hopefully, the Elk will grow out a new pair of antlers. However, we are quite sure that he will be able to live a free life from now onwards. Watch the full story below!

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