Whenever we become ill or go through severe trauma. Having someone by our side during such hardships helps a lot in our recovery phase. The same goes for animals. In the story, a surprising companion came to aid two foals struggling for their life.

Tye, the baby horse, had a rough start to his life. However, the baby was able to spend eight days with his mother. Pretty soon, that became a distant memory. The mother could hardly walk, and her health began to deteriorate by the passing day. In the meantime, the owners tried treatments to help her gain the strength back. No luck there, either.

To everyone’s surprise, Zip, the Australian rescue dog, came to the family’s aid. The five-year-old canine who also resided on the farm began visiting the sick family. Karla Swindle, Zip’s owner, was amazed. Her pup had never spent so much time with the horses. Yet, somehow, comforting the baby and mother came naturally to Zip. Sadly Tye’s mother passed away one morning. The few days old foal was now struggling to survive without his mother. Naturally, the baby was devasted and heartbroken, but the canine tried his best to accompany the little one.

The dog was always around the horse, encouraging Tye to play with him. Eventually, the horse began enjoying the warm gesture and company of Zip. The two bonded over the next six weeks. Please press play and enjoy the video.

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