Momma Elephant Was Playing With Her Baby but Suddenly

Elephants are the majestic creatures in our animal kingdom. Fun fact, this living being is viewed as one of the most intelligent animals in the world. These mammals display a wide range of behaviors, including grief, fear, compassion, co-operation, self-awareness, and many more.

This beautiful brain they own has a way to respond in panic-driven situations too. In the clip below, you will experience a roller coaster of emotions when the calf drowns in Seoul Grandpark. The elephant from the far end side rushes to save the baby from drowning. Even the one locked away behind the fence paces frantically, showing signs of distress upon witnessing the situation. Eventually, they rescue the baby elephant.

Elephants rush save drowning calf 0-19 screenshot

This video proves we, as a society, need to work together to survive on this rock. Do you agree or disagree? Please let us know your perception in the comment section.

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