Hidden Camera Catches All Walks of Wildlife Crossing a Log Bridge. And the Footage is Fascinating!

Nature is the most significant source of inspiration for human-made inventions. Without logs falling across rivers, we would probably never know how to make bridges!

But this man knows how important these natural bridges are to wildlife. So, he set up a hidden camera! And it reveals something astonishing.

Over the years, Robert Bush Sr has been filming wildlife through a trail camera in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Expressly, he set up the hidden cam in one end of the log bridge that sits across a creek.

Moreover, it’s a high traffic area for all kinds of fauna, including bobcats, bears, beavers, and so much more! And this compilation of a year of animal sightings is fascinating!

Some curious animals like the bear in the very beginning find the camera interesting. Moreover, many animals cross the log bridge with some company! Like the Mama Bear and her cubs, and the pair of raccoons.

And the log seems like a perfect place for birds to catch fish, or even take a bath!

Watch the video below:

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