They Threw Nasty Mud Water on Them but Pay Attention to the Guy on the Left

It only feels like I spill sauce on my clothes when I’m wearing white. Moreover, there is nothing more annoying than getting ink on your brand new shirt. But no matter how hard I try, it just gets there by the end of the day! But there is a magical coating out there that claims to repel almost any liquid. And these men put it to a crazy test to see if it does what it advertises!

Ultra-Ever Dry is a superhydrophobic coating, which means that it can repel most liquids. More specifically, it can resist water, some oils, wet concrete, and, most importantly, gravy from last night’s dinner! And although such a thing seems too good to be true, the science behind it is fascinating. When Ultra-Ever Dry coats an object, it creates geometric texture on the surface with “peaks.” Furthermore, this microscopic shape helps any liquid just slide off like magic!

ultra ever dry test

To see if Ultra-Ever Dry does what it promises, a man pours water on a coated paper. And it just flows through! Moreover, when he tries it in a non-coated page, it soaks it up like paper typically does. Next, the man coats a battery-operated timer with the chemical and drops it in water. It’s instantly water-proof! Furthermore, he drops ink on a coated tissue and the liquid bounces around. But the best part has to be when they throw mud water on two men. One has coated clothes, while the other isn’t that lucky. And it ends in a hilarious mud bath! Watch the video below:

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