The times during the Great Depression really was not the most pleasant one. However, Clara lives in the nostalgia of those times by making her favorite food from that time. And, we must admit, the bitter times were kind of very sweet for her.

Clara says that she and her family went through a pretty tough time during those bitter years. Their family situation was not economically sound. The family still managed to make the best out of the things they had. One of Clara’s favorite cookies can be made from only flour, sugar, salt, and eggs.

Although the recipe sounds minimal and unexciting, the nostalgia and the love this woman puts truly makes the cookies delicious. She even makes herself a nice cup of coffee on a pot she calls Depression Pot. Thankfully, Clara’s recipe and her sweet video will always remind us of the wonderful life she has had.

This is one of the most wholesome videos you will ever watch! Watch the full video below!

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