Little Girl Shopping With Mom is Unaware of Sailor Brother Sneaking Up Behind Them

It is always hard to have a deployed family member. Things can get quite tough and lonely without loved ones, especially when you think about the situation they’re in. In addition to being emotionally tough, it’s often physically dangerous.

Colde is a deployed soldier. However, when he makes his visit back home, he decides to give his mom and sister a big surprise. It is not a new thing that surprises are better than everything else. In fact, when a person is surprised with the best gift ever, there is nothing greater and purer than that.

While Colde’s sister and mother shopped in the supermarket he greets them from behind. At first, his sister was shocked–the ten months she and Colde had been apart was the longest in their lives. But, she immediately leaps into his arms after a moment of realization.

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