The little things that animals do can brighten up our entire day. It’s mostly puppies or kittens but in this video, is a baby elephant! Recently a footage was captured in Kruger National Park, South Africa in which a baby elephant is seen rejoicing and dancing around with some birds!

Ever since, he has been able to hold the hearts of many people all round the globe. The video got many likes and shares making it viral. The baby elephant gallops and prances towards a flock of birds who also seem to enjoy his company! He is clearly enjoying his flying friends because he seeks them and scurries towards them. Then, they all have a fun time in the bright sunny day.

The elephant calf is not less than a Disney movie character; he has a huge smile and a very happy trunk! He knew he was safe because his mother was watching him from not too far away. So, he goes back to her when his flappy friends fly away.

You can watch the blissful video below:

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