Everyone loves getting a makeover. There are plenty of make up stories in the world, and each individual has their own unique experience after a glam up session. Wait till you see an extraordinary story of this elderly lady. She is very passionate about makeup, even at the age of 62.

She knows that looking beautiful is not everything. But feeling beautiful both inside and out can boost confidence in people. And with ultimate makeovers, all your insecurities are hidden, and you look flawless! It’s a magical feeling. So, this lady also wanted to experience this life for a day with the help of a world-renowned makeover guy named Christopher Hopkins. Finally, after years of sacrificing her time and energy to her kids, work, and chores, she found time for self-care.

Therefore, she was all in for a total makeover. However, her biggest concern was her hair. It was super curly and uncooperative. And because of this reason, she never got to lay down her hair. Now in the hands of this magician, she’s ready to experience a miracle. She got a brand new hairstyle with fantastic texture. He transforms her curly and messy hair into soft waves. She can’t believe her new look in the mirror, and she doesn’t even recognize herself! Her sophisticated and elegant look made her look a lot younger. She honestly feels that the artist transforms her into the best version she could aspire to be! If your grandma wants a new look, you should encourage her just to give it a try.

Watch this video below: 

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