There are plenty of cute internet videos of two animals meeting for the first time, but I think this one is the best reaction I ever saw.

Here this baby emu is meeting the family dog for the first time. As the dog walks in, the emu perks up and at first can’t figure it out. But he quickly realizes it’s another animal, so he immediately begins a happy dance.

The emu rolls on the ground in a little greeting, then pops up and dances around the dog, who continues on past the dancing emu to stand by the master. Clearly he’s wondering what the story is with the emu.

But the emu is just to excited to stand still. He continues dancing a little jig and when the dog finally trots out of the room, the excited little emu dances in a circle with joy. This is so adorable you’ll melt when you watch it!

Watch the short clip below and tell everyone what you think of the dancing emu in your Facebook comments!

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