Elderly Man Gets Job as Delivery Driver Not Knowing Homeowner Recorded Him Struggling

We have all been there, taking on extra jobs to pay the bills or fix something broken. Well, the story below is somewhat similar. It all began in Ogden County, Utah when Jennifer Weiss decided to benefit from online deliveries.

She ordered her groceries online. Since the pandemic, getting online deliveries have escalated. So naturally, people want to avoid contact as much as possible. Nothing out of the ordinary there until Jennifer noticed the person who was delivering the groceries. As she peeked from the doorbell, she saw an older man struggling on the stairs. Despite the struggle, Larry carried the items with care.

Jennifer began wondering all sorts of things soon after. If the older man was continuing the work once the harsh winter hit the streets. Thus, Jennifer took the help of social media and posted the scenario. It didn’t take long for Larry’s relatives to contact Jennifer. Once the story was out in the open, everyone began chipping in with the tip. Soon enough, Larry had enough money to fix the swamp cooler. The community was pouring in with monetary support in his Venmo details.

Please press play and enjoy this small act of kindness and how it changed Larry’s life.

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