People Are Using Dollar Store Laundry Baskets as Strawberry Planters and It’s Pure Genius

Strawberry a delicious juicy delight; either you turn it into jams or icecreams, these yummy fruits don’t disappoint us. Growing strawberries can be quite troublesome as these sweet and savory delights are prone to pets.

However, a DIY trick can come in handy if you really wish to harvest your strawberries. First thing first, you need a pot, but this is no ordinary plant pot. You need to either grab a laundry basket or hamper. Whichever you prefer, the important thing it needs has holes in them. The second asset is a fabric sack or garbage bag. Last but not least, a PVC tube, strawberry plants, and soil.

Make some holes in the basket before adding the plant and the soil. This will help the roots to breathe as it grows. Not make a hole in the center and place the PVC pipe. The pipe area will serve as a watering spot. Now you are all ready for strawberries. Although you have bagged it up real nice. It’s necessary to check the plant regularly for pests like aphids and caterpillars.

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