Elderly Couple Share Adorable Living Room Dance to ‘Hit the Road Jack’

Love, the vague topic has been part of the discussion over time between the intellects or the romantics. Yet till this day, nobody knows what it means but everyone spends their lifetime searching for it. Maybe love is not so hard to find. You could find pleasure in the simplest things of life.

Take the adorable elder couples for example. During the pandemic, everything came to halt except the youth of Joseph and Sylvia Dolan. As England shut down in the early days, people got a chance to spend more time with their loved ones. Hence, we witnessed individuals coming up with all sorts of fun activities to stay motivated through the hard times.


Either it’s inventing new games or just swinging the hips side to side to one of the Ray Charles classic hits. In the clip below, the elderly couple enjoys a lovely dance on the musical number “Hit the road Jack”. The song itself is really energetic and makes you bop along the way. The video then posted by their son, Jackie Broadbent has gone viral. Viewers can’t seem to get enough of  Joseph and Sylvia’s chemistry.

Please press play and enjoy the musical journey.

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