Dad Tells His Puppy He Looks Handsome And Gets The Cutest Response

Have you ever been complimented but didn’t know how to respond? Such events are really awkward, instead of praising them back or saying a simple “Thank You”. We stay in that uncomfortable silence with a smile hardly knowing what to do or say.

Worry not, you are not the only one who has a problem taking a compliment. Stinky Linky, the adorable French Bulldog seems to share a similar attribute. Sean Sarantos is more than happy to have such a playful companion. Apart from the game of fetch and throw, Stinky Linky has quite the looks.

Hence, it’s obviously his dad wants to dress him up. In the clip, Sarantos has wrapped a  red bandana on the Bulldog’s neck. We can tell Red surely is his color. But when the impressed owner tried to compliment Stinky Linky, he sure didn’t know how to respond. Instead, he starts to react adorably.

Please press and enjoy Stinky’s precious reaction to being called handsome.

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