Video Shows Guy Rushing To Save Dog Whose Leash Got Trapped In Elevator

Sometimes we happen to be in the right place at the right time. In events like this, you can’t help but think of how things would turn out if you were even a second late. And no one has felt it more than Johnny Mathis, who saved a little dog from a massive tragedy.

Mathis was returning to his apartment building after work when he was called to save the day. He had just come up from the basement garage to the first floor where he lives. Mathis passed a neighbor who went inside the elevator to walk her dog. However, the leashed dog was still outside, even as the elevator door started to close.


Luckily, Mathis took a look back and saw that the dog was in grave danger. Furthermore, his first instinct was to run up and help the poor pup. We can see him rush to the dog and struggle to take off its collar. Fortunately, he got to the pooch on time and saved his life. Watch the quick-thinking man in action below:

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