This Dog Was Chained All Her Life – She Can Only Walk in Circles

It’s hard to know why some people adopt dogs because they mistreat them and don’t give them any love. Here’s an instance where someone permanently chained up a dog and left her living in terrible conditions. Thank God that someone noticed, contacted the rescuers and the dog was freed.

The municipal police in Ierapetra, Greece found a dog chained and suffering from malnutrition. The municipality immediately contacted Takis Shelter, an animal shelter nearby. The shelter took in the poor dog. However, they were not happy when they found out that this dog had been in chains all her life.

The poor dog could not walk straight after they are untamed her. Whatsoever, the shelter trained her well enough for her to finally walk straight. This dog did not disappoint at all. She was a fast learner. The people in the shelter even gave her a name, Frida, which stands for Freedom.

Frida is much healthier and happy now. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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