She Thought She Lost Her Dog, But the Devoted Pooch Has Other Plans.

There is nothing a dog loves more than the person who cares for them and loves them. For a dog, their entire world is the person that accepts them into their homes. And their loyalty is never questionable. So, when this dog traveled 200 miles to be with the person she loved, it was understandable.

Shavi was left alone in a cold Russian highway to die after a man hit her with his vehicle. The poor dog gathered enough courage to crawl to the side of the road. And with broken legs and several severe injuries, she was counting her final days. But then out of nowhere, two people found her and brought her home.

dog travels 200 miles

The rescuers then posted stories about the poor dog. That is when Nina Baranovskaya came forward with help. She agreed to foster Shavi and taught her to walk and a few other basic commands. She consoled the dog during her panic attacks, and both became very fond of each other.

Nina already had a lot of responsibilities on her hand. So, she found a loving home for Shavi, 185 miles away from her. Nina traveled all the way to drop Shavi only to get a call a few days later, saying Shavi disappeared. To Nina’s surprise, Shavi traveled back to Nina’s place all by herself. And now, she is living a happy life with Nina and her family.

WATCH the heart-melting story of Shavi and Nina below.

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