Adorable Porcupine Turns Into Tiny Puppy to Get Extra Belly Rubs From Mom

When you show love and affection, even the wildest and most dangerous animals will love you back. We’ve seen footage of animals like lions and tigers playing and being affectionate with their trainers. But this video is a little different. Here, a thorny porcupine pretends to be a puppy to win affections.

Usually, porcupines don’t gel well with humans. And whenever they feel threatened, they have no problem bringing out their defense mechanism, their sharp and pointy thorns. But Snickers or Stinkers is a friendly little porcupine who loves human affections.

porcupine turns to puppy

Snickers is a permanent resident at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. His friendly nature and love for human affection melted the hearts of people at the center, and they decided to keep him.

The little porcupine loves pets from humans. He is also very fond of hugs and belly rubs from everyone. The adorable porcupine turns into a little puppy and lays flat on the ground to get some love. And he jumps and twirls around in excitement every time he gets a belly rub.

WATCH the adorable porcupine spreading love all around in the video below.

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