Dog Hilariously Steals Food Like an FBI Agent

Once you come home after a tiring day, your pet is the first one to greet you and waiting to play. But what do they do when they are left home all day long? To get the answers a Beagles owner set up a camera in the house to record every single move of her adorable pup.

Lucy according to her owner is a happy-go-lucky pup. She has stayed loyal to her family for years now. Built about 13-15 inches tall, Lucy weighs around 20-pound mark. Hence these canines are fit to be one of the best companions to human beings. Furthermore, the breeds are usually are very curious when it comes to exploring.

Initially, in the frame, Lucy climbs the dining table with the help of a chair. The way she did it so effortlessly, this surely isn’t her first time. She makes few jumps here and there. Then we get a clear picture Lucy seems hungry and wants to snoop around. Her biggest challenge is to make it all the way to the conventional oven. And how she conquers the maneuver is truly amazing.

Please press play and enjoy the adventures of Lucy inside the house.

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