Dog Siblings Run Into Each Other on the Street and Recognize Before Owners Have a Clue

Siblings are the best part of growing up. All those bickerings, snack fights, serious talk, the overall bonding is just amazing and brings a rush of memories. They are one of the few people in our life that will have our back. The amazing siblings in our life love and support us. And in need of guidance, who better than your sisters or brothers.

But that is all about us, humans. Do you think animals same a similar bond with their siblings? Often time, animals are separated from their kins for all sorts of reasons. One of the major is adoption. Even humans cant escape this parting. Well, I can’t vouch for all animals, but these adorable long-lost siblings are getting all the buzz.


Monty and Rosie were separated at eleven months of age and adopted into their respective families. One regular morning, the two canines were enjoying a walk—each with their own owners. The two crossed paths on-road and immediately recognized each other. Usually, when this happens, dogs play with each other. But this adorable pup decided to hug it out.

Rosie’s owner Susan Killip shared with The Dodo that the two come from a large family of six cockapoos. Killip’s friend adopted Monty and took care of Rosie for few weeks. During that period, the two were inseparable. They were closest among the siblings, said Killip.

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