She Filled a Ziplock Bag and Tied in the Door for a Genius Hack on Summer

Whether it’s a holiday destination or work-related, traveling can be the most unpleasant part of the journey. Packing your clothes to actually fitting them in your suitcases is annoying as it gets. Besides that, dealing with the mess of your toiletries or cosmetics leaks is a whole new can of worms.

But don’t you worry, we never come to you without solutions. Today, we have an efficient travel hack that requires only one item. Even better news, you can find this item in your kitchen cabinet almost every time. It’s none other than drum rolls, please, “Ziploc bags”. Yes, these handy bags have more use than just packing up your veggies in the refrigeration.

Being water-resistant, you can either pack your clothes in Ziplocs or your cosmetic products to avoid any sort of leakage. Even loading snacks while traveling can be quick and efficient with these tiny plastic helpers. Although, it’s better to label them for easy access. You can re-use these bags until there is a big unavoidable mess. And the important one of all is tackling your messy cords. Untwine the cords and place each one in separate Ziplocs with labeling their name or purpose.

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