Father of Quintuplets Goes Viral for Sharing His Creative Parenting “Hacks”

Parenting can become stressful, especially if you new parents. Thankfully, the experienced groups never cease to share their wisdom and techniques. Which makes the journey a little easier than expected. Take Amy and Chad Kempel, who share hacks to taking care of quintuplets.

Initially, the journey to childbirth for the couple was much more devasting than one can imagine. Even after losing twins in 2011 due to premature birth, the couple didn’t give up trying. Fortunately, two years later, Amy gave birth to healthy twin girls in Savannah and Avery. They tired for a third child. Although Amy had been through enough mentally and physically. But it was Chad who wished for one more kid.

Eventually, the couple gave it another try, and that’s where the surprise comes into play. Even though Amy and Chad were aiming for a third child. The ultrasound showed not just third but fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh children. The two were concerned about not only having to carry quintuplets after the tragedy of 2011. But also about the five newborns. In 2018, the husband and wife welcomed five new angels into their life. The family, however, never hides their struggle in taking care of their children. Seven children is not an easy task. It’s a full-time job.

Hence, the family comes up with efficient solutions to make the process smooth. Please press play and enjoy the following parenting hacks.

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