This Paddle Boarder Was Filimg His Usual Day on River Until He Encountered a Desperate Need of Help

Doing something for the sake of someone’s protection is the best thing one could possibly do. This video will produce serotonin in all your hearts.

Charlie Head was out paddleboarding in Herne Bay off the Kent coast in England. This is when he met a dog that needed some rescuing. The dog was among the rocks in the water. This really shocked Charlie since he was not expecting to see some small dog inside the water while he was on his day of paddleboarding.

However, he knew what he should do best and decided to go and save the Shih Tzu. This dog was helpless and got pretty afraid when Charlie was saving him. But, in the end, the guy ended up saving the dog and he was all well and good at the end of the day.

This video will melt your heart. Watch the full video below!

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