Dog’s Unbridled Joy for Soldier’s Homecoming Goes Viral, Brings Smiles

Goodbyes and reunions are the most emotional part of the journey of life. Especially to military personnel as they spend days and months apart from their loved ones. They sacrifice so much to keep the country safe.

But what about the pets? US soldier, Casandra Cabrera was nervous if her dog would remember her once they meet after months of deployment.

Cabrera was deployed for 10 months overseas. During this time she did communicate with her family several times. But she was worried if her dog, Miss May would even recognize her at all.

On the day of the soldier’s arrival, Robbi Cabrera, Casandra’s mother takes Miss May to the airport. Although she is unaware of what is happening like an obedient dog she stays calm. However, once she spots Casandra, she runs straight towards her. She jumps giving her kisses.

Apparently, these canine companions do remember their loved ones and dearly miss the ones away from home.

Missy runs back and forth to Robbi and Casandrai bursting in joy. The family returns home after these unexpected reunions. Please press play and enjoy the delightful homecoming. Do share your pet’s story in the feed.

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