Pixar’s New Short About A Stray Kitten And A Pit Bull Tugs On The Heartstrings

A new Pixar short film had me grabbing tissues last night. Though the newly released animated series has a simple storyline, its representation has resulted in tons of emotional and heartwarming comments by the viewers.

A new friendship blooms amid a chaotic situation when a stray kitten meets a poorly treated pit bull.

The movie is directed by the very talented Rosana Sullivan. She has been working as a story artist for the Pixar studios since 2011. With Kathryn Hendrickson on the producer chair, the duo created a phenomenal story between two unlikely creatures.

As the tale progresses, we witness an unusual relationship. A fierce stray kitten who ventures into the wild to survive every day. In contrast to a pet pitbull who is chained all day long only to end up as a punching bag for his owner.

We have attached the behind-the-scenes video for you to enjoy. Please press play and enjoy the beginning of this unusual relationship. Trust me you will be rooting for a better ending for these souls as soon you begin watching.

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