Rescuer Heard A ‘Gut-Wrenching’ Cry For Help, Found Puppy Alone, Wounded & Shivering

This little doggo has suffered enough. He waited for someone to notice him. Give him comfort and love. Many passed by but nobody stopped. So, he waited with hope in his eyes. And when she found him. The guardian angel was in the shape of a human.

When Donna of Stray Rescue of St. Louis heard the saddest, most desperate cry, she went out to find its source. An injured puppy was found frozen in the snow, shrieking in fear. Seeing this, she was deeply broken.

dog howl rescue

A video of the rescue of a homeless puppy that was left huddling near a telephone pole in the snow was posted on Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ Facebook page. As the rescuer drew closer to the puppy, he let out fearful and heart-wrenching howls.

As the temperature was pretty cold, she had to act quickly and take him to the emergency to stop any harm. It’s obvious that he’s been in immense pain, abandoned to die slowly and painfully in the cold. Knowing what state the poor guy was in, Donna, approached slowly and carefully. Showered him love and assured him that everything is gonna be alright.

Watch the full video here

Once the puppy is inside the vehicle, his tail starts wagging as he affectionately showers the rescuer. After nearly dying, his near-death experience is finished, and his savior is at his side.

The dog had an infected wound on his side, and the condition called paraphimosis caused the swelling and pain. According to rescuers, an embedded harness may have caused the dog’s foreskin to become injured.

dog howl rescue

Luckily, the dog only suffered minor injuries and now he has a cute new name, Weezer. The rescuers stated:

We’ve seen many embedded collars, but not embedded harnesses. Thankfully, his paraphimosis is a minor case. He looks to be about 7 months old and is as sweet as can be!! We named him Weezer. Thank you for donating, every single donation matters!


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