People Can’t Stop Watching Video Of Cat Saying “Well, Hi” Like A Southern Gentleman

Owning a cat granted has alot of challenges. But the surprises that come along outweigh all those challenges. Cats are sarcastic and very smart creatures. So, any interaction with them will surely be memorable. Their love and purrfections, tantrums, and outrage are just too cute to miss by the camera. Take this little kitty for example:

Gambino Bambino, an 8-year-old tabby, has recently discovered a new way to surprise his humans. Tawny, his owner, was able to capture the priceless moment on video and share it on social media. We’re confident that this video will surely make your day!

When Tawny was filming her cats, Gambino jumped out of his hiding place and into a nearby corner. In the short time it took her to pursue him, she caught up to him. “Well, hello!” Gambino said, raising his head with a Southern drawl. He then proceeded to groom himself innocently.

Watch the full video here:

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