Cute Dachshund Climbs Stairs in His Own Unique Way

Dachshunds are a peculiar breed of dog. They have short paws and a long wiener-shaped body. No wonder they are lovingly called sausage dogs! However, there is a reason they were bred that way in the first place. Historically, people kept Doxies as pets so they could hunt rabbits and foxes from their burrows. Moreover, they have an excellent sense of smell! But this particular pooch got popular for a hilarious reason!

You’ve probably seen a pet who has difficulties climbing the stairs. They may be scared of the height, or don’t know how! But this little doxie takes the cake for climbing in the strangest way possible! The lively Doxie ascends by slinking its body in the stairs. However, it takes a long way and goes back and forth in each stair.

dachshund stairs funny

The way this Dachshund climbs the stairs is hilarious! However, there is a particular reason why this Doxie is mounting itself in this way. Because they have a naturally elongated frame, they are prone to back injuries. So, by walking this way, it’s avoiding a lot of back strain. I just can’t stop laughing at the way this dog scurries to the top after its mom shakes up the treats! Watch the video below:

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